The transportation industry continues to change - AND FOR THE BETTER! Trucking companies around the nation understand the difficulties that new drivers experience and thus, want to ensure that they are able to provide comfort and enjoyment to its drivers. Increased pay and benefits, more home time, newer and more advanced equipment are just but some of the improvements companies have made to increase drivers to this rewarding yet diverse industry.

Data collected by the United States Department of Labor indicates that new drivers are typically earning betwen $37,000 - $41,000 per year - with increases to those drivers who excel in the industry after completing schooling. Increased pay and incentives continue as a new driver gains experiences - an experienced driver can make well in excess of $50,000 - $60,000 per year.

Companies again are constantly changing their fleet - with most equipment being no more than 2-3 years of age. Most of the equipment that new drivers will be allowed to operate will have a spacious cab area - including full beds, televisions, satellite radio, refrigerators and microwaves. With the increase in technology, most trucks will also have on-board WIFI, allowing the driver to communicate home and abroad via internet with access to email.

New drivers will also be provided benefits - tailored to his or her (and family's) needs. Companies typically offer full insurance (health, dental, vision [life and disability]), paid vacation, holiday and sick pay, profit sharing, stock options, retirement plans (including 401k), tuition reimbursement (for those students who paid directly for their schooling) and driver ride-along programs.

At TransTech, we want to ensure that all students prior to enrollment are aware of the lifestyle change that is required of a professional driver. Being a truck driver is not a career for everyone, and requires both great consideration and research. Since 1978, TransTech has trained thousands of students, who with the training they received, have become part of one of the fastest growing and rewarding careers today.

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