March 12, 2018 · By trademachines
The global logistics industry is worth $8.1 trillion which makes it a very attractive market for new players.

Two companies from outside the traditional trucking industry are aiming for a piece of this pie: Amazon & Uber.

We often come across the news about small and large tech companies entering the logistics market with an idea to improve some parts of it through the latest technology, which pushes the current logistics players to keep innovating in order to stay competitive.

Although many companies claim that they will disrupt the industry, which is estimated to reach US$12,256 billion in Global Market Worth by 2022, only a few of them actually have the power to do so.

During the last year, the Transmetrics Blog mentioned several innovations from Uber and Amazon and discussed what kind of value both of the tech giants could possibly bring to logistics.

Each of them has a different approach on how to improve efficiency and take advantage of market opportunities, but there is one thing which is common in their strategies: data analytics and technological advancement is the key.

How are they planning to do it? View/read this infographic to see how.