Certain trucking companies are being randomly selected by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to submit their 2016 U.S. DOT drug testing results to the agency.

The random selection is part of FMCSA’s annual Drug and Alcohol Information Survey. The results of the survey are used to determine random drug testing rates for the next year.

FMCSA says companies are already being notified and are required to complete the annual survey by March 15. Fleets that fail to respond could face civil penalties, the agency adds.

In December, FMCSA announced it would keep the random drug testing rate for drivers at 25 percent based on information provided in last year’s survey. As long as the positive test rate remains below 1 percent, FMCSA can keep the random testing rate at 25 percent. If the positive test rate rises above 1 percent, the random testing rate automatically jumps to 50 percent.