General Driving Behaviors

You will be scored on your overall performance in the following general driving behavior categories:

Clutch Usage

  1. Always use clutch to shift.
  2. Double-clutch when shifting. Do not rev or lug the engine.
  3. Do not ride clutch to control speed, coast with the clutch depressed, or “pop” the clutch.

Gear Usage

  1. Do not grind or clash gears.
  2. Select gear that does not rev or lug the engine.
  3. Do no shift in turns and intersections.

Brake Usage

  1. Do not ride or pump brake.
  2. Do not brake harshly. Brake smoothly using steady pressure.

Lane Usage

  1. Do not put vehicle over curbs, sidewalks, or lane markings.
  2. Stop behind stop lines, crosswalks, or stop signs.
  3. Complete a turn in the proper lane on a multiple lane road (vehicle should finish a left turn in the lane directly to the right of the center line).
  4. Finish a right turn in the right-most (curb) lane.
  5. Move to or remain in right-most lane unless lane is blocked.


  1. Do not over or under steer the vehicle.
  2. Keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times unless shifting. Once you have completed a shift, return both hands to the steering wheel.

Regular Traffic Checks

  1. Check traffic regularly.
  2. Check mirrors regularly.
  3. Check mirrors and traffic before, while in and after an intersection.
  4. Scan and check traffic in high volume areas and areas where pedestrians are expected to be present. 

Use of Turn Signals

  1. Use turn signals properly.
  2. Activate turn signals when required.
  3. Activate turn signals at appropriate times.
  4. Cancel turn signals upon completion of a turn or lane change.