Road Examination

You have now completed both the vehicle pre-trip inspection and basic control skills portions of your third party skills examination – now, you will be required to complete a road examination. You are required to complete the following:

You will driver over a test route that has a variety of traffic situations. At all times during the test, you must drive in a safe and responsible manner; and you must:

  1. Wear your safety belt.
  2. Obey all traffic signs, signals and laws.
  3. Complete the test without an accident or moving violation.

During the driving test, the examiner will be scoring you on specific driving maneuvers as well as on your general driving behavior. You will follow the directions of the examiner. Directions will be given to you so you will have plenty of time to do what the examiner has asked. You will not be asked to drive in an unsafe manner.

If your test route does not have certain traffic situations, you may be asked to simulate a traffic situation. You will do this by telling the examiner what you are or would be doing if you were in that traffic situation.