Truck Driving Refresher Course

Refresher Courses in North Carolina

Locations in Asheville, Charlotte, Newton and Winston Salem

Brush Up On Your Skills

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), there is an immediate need for about $30,000 truck driving jobs that need to be filled in the United States. Though trucking jobs may have been scarce years ago, they have dramatically increased. As a result of an improved economy, YOU have a much better chance of rejoining the transportation industry. However, if you have been out from behind-the-wheel for a while, many things have changed…including your DRIVING ABILITY! Wanting to get back to driving again? Consider taking a refresher course with TransTech.

When Can I Start?

2 Weeks – 80 Hours
(Monday – Friday)
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Why A Refresher Course?

  • Become a More Valuable Hiring Candidate
  • Improve Your Driving Skills
  • Avoid Legal Trouble

Getting Back Into the Driver’s Seat

We all have heard the saying…”If you don’t use it, you lose it!” Such is the case in driving a truck. As you already know, operating a tractor trailer is quite a bit different than driving a typical passenger vehicle. The braking system, mirrors and backing up all pose significant challenges. It is a good idea to consider a refresher course even if you are the slightest bit unsure of your ability in safely operating a tractor trailer.

Why Do I Need a Refresher Course

There are numerous reasons why someone may consider enrolling in a CDL refresher course. First, if YOU haven’t been behind-the-wheel for a long period of time and are now attempting to re-enter the industry, most trucking companies will require that you take a refresher course for to satisfy insurance requirements and to alleviate any safety concerns. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations that govern the transportation industry are constantly changing; staying up-to-date on these regulations will ensure you are always in compliance – thereby eliminating the risk of losing your job, your license or receiving a civil fine.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

CDL refresher courses encompass many subjects. Just as was the case when you first entered truck driving school, there will be classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction during training. Classroom work includes a comprehensive review of the rules of the road, especially the ever-changing hours and service regulations. The hands-on component of training will include a review of vehicle inspection and an in-depth skill training to reacquaint you with the process of safely operating a commercial motor vehicle while under the direct supervision of a highly trained and licensed CDL instructor.

Will a Refresher Course Help Me Get A Job?

Completing a CDL refresher course can greatly springboard you back into the transportation industry as a professional truck driver. If you lack past experience or have no recent experience, completing a refresher course will take the place of this experience requirement of most trucking companies. A CDL refresher course will also allow you to network with countless trucking companies – and by taking advantage of TransTech’s superior job placement assistance, you will be back behind the driver’s seat in as soon as 2 weeks.
TransTech is proud to provide CDL refresher courses all across North Carolina.
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