Start / Stop

For this maneuver, you will be asked to pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and stop as if you were going to get out and check something on your vehicle. You must check traffic thoroughly in all directions and move to the right-most lane or should of road.

As you prepare for the stop:

  1. Check traffic
  2. Activate your right turn signal
  3. Decelerate smoothly, brake evenly, change gears as necessary.
  4. Bring your vehicle to a full stop without coasting.

Once stopped:

  1. Vehicle must be parallel to the curb or shoulder of the road and safely out of the traffic flow
  2. Vehicle should not be blocking driveways, fire hydrants, intersections, signs, etc.
  3. Cancel your turn signal.
  4. Activate your four-way emergency flashers.
  5. Apply the parking brake.
  6. Move the gear shift to neutral or park.
  7. Remove your feet from the brake and clutch pedals.

When instructed to resume:

  1. Check traffic and your mirrors thoroughly in all directions.
  2. Turn off your four-way flashers.
  3. Activate the left turn signal.
  4. When traffic permits, you should release the parking brake and pull straight ahead.
  5. Do not turn the wheel before your vehicle moves.
  6. Check traffic from all directions, especially to the left.
  7. Steer and accelerate smoothly into the proper lane when safe to do so.
  8. Once your vehicle is back into the flow of traffic, cancel your left turn signal.