America desperately needs more truck drivers. The U.S. Department of Labor rates the truck driving occupation as among the highest growth rate occupations. Truck driving is not just a job that pays well; it is the beginning of a career, and for many people the fastest road to success.

Many of today’s largest trucking companies like Werner Enterprises and Schneider National were begun by drivers with a single truck. These drivers had the determination and desire to grow, and grow they did – into multi-billion dollar companies.

A person with a four-year non-science college degree will earn on average $37,800 (if they are able to find employment). A professional truck driver with a much shorter period of training will start at $38,000 – $40,000, often with benefits. Because of the current driver shortage, they will generally have a “pre-hire” letter from an employer before they begin their training.

Once YOU begin YOUR new career, you can move on to other positions – 1) regional drivers, dedicated drivers, safety supervisors, dispatchers – all at increased pay levels.

Recent changes in federal regulations and increased competition from other sectors of the economy are forcing major changes in the trucking industry. Those changes are putting a premium on new drivers and increased competition.

Everyone has heard of outsourcing – where jobs are shipped overseas…THAT SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY!

In a matter of weeks, you can be trained and placed in a new career as a professional, placing you on the fastest road to success in this new economy.