Third Party Examination Materials

TransTech, Inc. is licensed by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles to complete the skills examination for individuals who wish to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

Effective August 2, 2016, the cost of all third-party examinations is $300.00 if the individual being examined is providing his or her vehicle for testing. However, if a vehicle is needed by the individual and delivered by TransTech, the total cost will increase to $600.00. Per the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle regulations, all persons being tested are allowed a maximum of six (6) examinations. If the individual being examined fails to complete his or her skills examination per these requirements successfully, he or she will refer to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles for further review and testing.

The required payment for all third-party examinations MUST BE SECURED BEFORE A TEST CAN BE SCHEDULED.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

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All individuals being examined are encouraged to be aware of all testing requirements. TransTech has provided all individuals the opportunity to receive preparation material that may assist before the commencement of the skills examination.

All examinations must be scheduled a minimum of (2) days BEFORE THE DATE OF THE TEST. A failure to keep a scheduled appointment may result in a minimum 1-week rescheduling.

The following documentation IS REQUIRED BEFORE an examination may be scheduled:

1. Valid NC driver’s license
2. Valid NC CDL permit – all permits presented MUST BE VALID for at least (14) days before the test date
3. Valid DOT medical card
4. Receipt of payment 

Upon the successful completion of ALL 3 PORTIONS of the examination, TransTech will upload the skills examination data into the federal database, which will allow the individual to obtain his/her CDL at any state licensing branch in the United States.


The following documentation is REQUIRED of all individuals providing their equipment for testing:

1.  Valid federal inspection on the tractor/towing unit. The towing unit must also visibly indicate the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

2. Valid federal inspection on the trailer (if applicable). The trailer unit must also visibly indicate the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

3. Valid registration for both tractor and trailer (if applicable).

4. A valid license plate for each unit.

5. Both tractor and trailer (if applicable) are required to pass a vehicle safety inspection. Under no circumstances will a skills examination be conducted a vehicle(s) that are not able safe to operate. 



Click HERE to access the CDL testing materials and videos.