You have been asked to make a turn:

  1. Check traffic in all directions.
  2. Use turn signals and safely get into the lane needed for the turn.

As you approach the turn:

  1. Use turn signals to warn others of your turn.
  2. Slow down smoothly, change gears as needed to keep power, but do not coast unsafely. Unsafe coasting occurs when your vehicle is out of gear (clutch depressed or gearshift in neutral) for more tan the length of your vehicle.

If you must stop before making the turn:

  1. Come to a smooth stop without skidding.
  2. Come to a complete stop behind the stop line, crosswalk or stop sign.
  3. If stopping behind another vehicle, stop where you can see the rear tires on the vehicle ahead of you (safe gap).
  4. Do not let your vehicle roll.
  5. Keep the front wheels aimed straight ahead.

When ready to turn:

  1. Check traffic in all directions
  2. Keep both hands on the steering wheel during the turn.
  3. Keep checking your mirror to make sure the vehicle does not hit anything on the inside of the turn.
  4. Vehicle should not move into oncoming traffic.
  5. Vehicle should finish turning in the correct lane.

After the turn:

  1. Make sure turn signal is OFF.
  2. Get up to speed of traffic, use turn signal, and move into right-most lane when safe to do so.
  3. Check mirrors and traffic